Easy, fast and secure Guest Wifi

SocialHive is a scalable cloud platform that provides an opportunity for companies to implement the Guest Wi-Fi, in order to actively involve Web and Social users. Through multi-level Wi-Fi hotspot, users have the opportunity to take advantage of Internet connectivity, but also to improve their browsing experience. However, companies are given the option of real-time analysis of the access data and new opportunities to monetize traffic.

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Software Development



HiveDNS ensures maximum security by preventing all connections to any system on the internet containing malware and viruses.



The multi-tenant platform in order to centralize in a cloud all the elements for the Internet communications management in business and consumer environment.



Cloud platform, either on premises for the management and the geolocation of networking devices in the automotive industry.


Custom Solution

“Listen, understand and integrate” is our slogan, but also our way of conceiving software created ad hoc. We focus on the structure of the project with flexibility and professionalism, in order to better define every requireddetail. We develop custom solutions to streamline operations and improve productivity. We solve the problems with effective business solutions.

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