Infrastructure of an enterprise network must be designed to ensure continuity of service, access to applications in mission-critical environments and resources. We design and implement Layer2 networking data center solutions, a next-generation campus, and layer 3 solutions of BGP multi-homing.

Our long experience has led us to offering completely loop free networking solutions, in order to eliminate the problems that can be caused by a Spanning Tree Protocol-based network.

The new architecture, whether Datacenter, or Campus, is no longer redesigned on the 3-layer design (core, distribution and access), but it reflects the established Spine & Leaf design going to collapse the Core and Distribution layer in a single layer (spine).

There are many advantages, from cutting down the costs as regards the passive and active components, to a simplification in the management the operation phase.

In the case of Datacenter infrastructure, every leaf in leaf-spinearchitecture is connected to every switch in the network fabric. Each server connected to a leaf, will use the exact same route in order to reach any server connected to the infrastructure. This system minimizes latency and eliminates all bottlenecks as the only apparatus to be crossed will be the Spine. The topology in this case can be of level 2 or level 3, with the use of protocols such as TRILL or turning on time every single link.

In the case of Campus infrastructure, the topology tends to be the same, but with the implementation of different protocols. Layer2 architectures using Link Aggregation Multi Chassis, Layer 3 architecture using standard routing protocols such as OSPF

Partner and Vendor

  • Cisco
  • Brocade
  • HPE
  • D-Link




In a constantly evolving environment, full of challenges, we propose modern security solutions through an integrated approach, in order to ensure continuity and performance.



A network infrastructure of enterprise level must be designed in order to ensure continuity of service. We offer Layer2 networking data center solutions, next-generation campus and layer3 solutions of BGP multi-homing.



The spread of mobile devices like Smart phones, Tablets and Laptops has brought to Wireless an added value also in the business industry. Due to partnerships with leading brands, we are able to cover all the needs required by the market.


Unified Communications

Unified Communication are all enterprise-class tools available to companies and are necessary to ensure high efficiency and speed in sharing the information.


Network Experience

For our company it is essential to complete any solution with value-added systems and features, in order to enhance the user experience.


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