Custom Solution

A modern company in our industry is identified because of the ability to develop custom software that represents an easy and immediate response to customer needs. Our development team has the goal of creating added value to the business of the customer companies, through continuous and timely support during the analysis and design, so that the final product should be the best software solution to meet the initial requirements. Our modus operandi provides a clear and efficient methodology, because from the analysis of the data we process a development project to achieve the defined objectives together with the customer.

Development Extensions and Integrations

sviluppo user-interface

User Interface

networking solution


Soluzioni wifi business

Wifi solutions

Company network Sercurity


Web Based Software

Web Based Software

business cloud solution




responsive design solution

Responsive Design

Software Development



Cloud platform in order to enable companies to easily implement a Wi-Fi access via a Web-based login, and acquire data in real time of the user traffic.



HiveDNS ensures maximum security by preventing all connections to any system on the internet containing malware and viruses.



The multi-tenant platform in order to centralize in a cloud all the elements for the Internet communications management in business and consumer environment.



Cloud platform, either on premises for the management and the geolocation of networking devices in the automotive industry.

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