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Who We Are

Who We Are

Nethive is a young company established in December 2013, but with 20 years of experience in the telecommunications world, with a particular focus on Carrier and Enterprise markets. We have worked togetherfor many years with the most important local System Integrators, and we came in contact with thousands of other companies, from small local companies to multinational companies with multiple headquarters located in 3 different time zones.

Every day, thousands of people work and communicate using relevant IP infrastructure, designed and implemented by us with commitment and passion. This passion of ours, combined with the trust of many people with whom we have collaborated, has instilled in us a new, clear and determinantvision:

“First of all, satisfy the customer”

Years of experience always at the forefront

People in a staff always available

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Networking: Brocade, Cisco & HPE Technology


Security: Fortinet & Sophos Technology


Wireless Enterprise: Aruba Network, Cisco & Mikrotik Technology


Software Developement





In a constantly evolving environment, full of challenges, we propose modern security solutions through an integrated approach, in order to ensure continuity and performance.



A network infrastructure of enterprise level must be designed in order to ensure continuity of service. We offer Layer2 networking data center solutions, next-generation campus and layer3 solutions of BGP multi-homing.



The spread of mobile devices like Smart phones, Tablets and Laptops has brought to Wireless an added value also in the business industry. Due to partnerships with leading brands, we are able to cover all the needs required by the market.


Unified Communications

Unified Communication are all enterprise-class tools available to companies and are necessary to ensure high efficiency and speed in sharing the information.


Network Experience

For our company it is essential to complete any solution with value-added systems and features, in order to enhance the user experience.





Due to our experience within the networking and security industry, we are able to guarantee a precise and effective consulting service for any business demand.


Audit, Planning & Survey

In order to guarantee excellent results, we collect, analyze and study analytical data, having the objective of determining the status and compliance of IT software and hardwareinfrastructure.


Managed Services

We offer professional services with added value in order to ensure to the customer an easy and comprehensive management of the infrastructure software.

"Success is the progressive realization of a goal"

Software Development



Cloud platform in order to enable companies to easily implement a Wi-Fi access via a Web-based login, and acquire data in real time of the user traffic.



HiveDNS ensures maximum security by preventing all connections to any system on the internet containing malware and viruses.



The multi-tenant platform in order to centralize in a cloud all the elements for the Internet communications management in business and consumer environment.



Cloud platform, either on premises for the management and the geolocation of networking devices in the automotive industry.


Custom Solution

“Listen, understand and integrate” is our slogan, but also our way of conceiving software created ad hoc. We focus on the structure of the project with flexibility and professionalism, in order to better define every requireddetail. We develop custom solutions to streamline operations and improve productivity. We solve the problems with effective business solutions.

Sede Operativa

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Contact us for any commercial and/or technical assistance. Our staff will answer you with no obligation and in the shortest possible time.

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